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About Sihle Interiors

Sihle Interior Design and Projects is a 100% Black woman owned company that provides office furniture, carpentry and Shopfitting solutions to various industries.

The company was formally registered in 2016 by the founding director who has over 12 years’ experience in the office furniture and interior design business. Sihle Interior Design and Projects is a full turnkey company and furniture supplier that does projects including office furniture, dry walling, painting, carpeting, carpentry and shopfitting We strive to understand and deliver on our clients’ requirements with innovative solutions.

We specialize in the end-to-end manufacture and distribution of furniture both in South Africa and the Sub Saharan Africa.


Services & Business Model

Sihle Interior Design and Projects sources and distributes world renowned products such as the Humanscale chairs from the USA. We have design, production, logistics and installation teams all working together to offer you a seamless experience. We also work with architects, designers, specifiers and large corporations on small and large scale projects where product designs and finishes are often bespoke to project requirements.

We offer a full service offering such as consulting, space planning, supply and installation of furniture, geared towards Small and Medium sized businesses’ ongoing requirements.

Free consultations

We have years of experience and are happy to arrange a time to meet with you at your business premises, to better understand your suggestions and office furniture requirements.

Floor Plan Layout & Design

We offer our clients 2D and 3D digital floor plans, scaled down to enable our clients to visualize their furniture layout. Giving peace of mind and assurance that once your furniture arrives it will be the perfect fit for your environment.

Three Divisions

We have 3 divisions which are Retail, Corporate and Domestic.

Turnkey Solutions

We pride ourselves in our ability to offer our customers an endto-end solution, i.e. from planning through to implementation.

Our Process

With the blend of diverse access to global imports, project management for corporate retail wholesale, hospitality and domestic sales, we have the necessary skills and capacity to support you and your requirements whatever you might need. Total control of all processes enables us to obtain the highest quality standards.

The flow diagram below outlines our process from conceptualization to finalization:

Previous Clients

What is an Ergomic Chair?

Adjustable components to accommodate different body shapes and movement.

  • Health.
  • Better posture and seating experience, leads to higher productivity.
  • Reduction of strain, and better blood circulation when sitting for long periods.
  • Better quality components, longer lasting.

Let’s consider some key points when selecting an Ergonomic chair.

  • Adjustability: Ensure that your chair can adjust in some, or all the areas listed below, to accommodate your bodies optimum level of comfort. 
  • Seat Depth: Around 40% of the Thighs should be supported by the seat, sliders allow the user to move the seat to their comfort position whilst seated  
  • Lumbar Support: Stabilizes the spine and supports the neck and head 
  • Backrest: Generally measure between 30cm and 48cm, should be able to recline to relive weight. 
  • Armrests: Adjustable, broad and comfortable so that your elbows can fit comfortably on them. 
  • Seat and Backrest materials: Most common being fabric seat for structure, and mesh breathable backrest 

Let’s consider some key points when selecting Office Desking:

  • Office Size:
    Measure your space beforehand, or allow our sales consultants to assist with your space planning, so that we choose the correct size desk for your space.  
  • Budget: 
    Desking cost is determined by the materials used in the manufacturing process, be guided in this process, to maximize value in your desking purchase.
  • Storage:
    Options include mobile pedestals, Credenza, Pedenza or two door systems cabinets, all need to match your desking selection
  • Style:
    Vintage, solid wood, or modern minimalistic, and modular, desking forms a strong focal point in your offices.
    So let’s ensure the style selection is aesthetically pleasing
  • Use:
    There are different types of desks for different activities.
    Consider what type of work are you doing before selecting your desk type?

What technical equipment your desk will require, power points cable trays?

  • Ensure your desking selection can adapt to your future business requirements and ensure your selection is GREAT VALUE!